The Next Generation

The Next Generation

I couldn't believe this when I saw it, 40% is such a huge amount. Studying art at school is so much more than just being able to draw. Its also about how you see the world and you approach areas of your life, to the way you solve problems or express yourself to others. There are huge benefits to tapping into your creative side.

Last week I did a career talk at my son’s school on working as a designer in fashion. I was completely out of my comfort zone and I spent a ridiculous amount of time prepping to speak for 15 minutes to a group of kids where 80% want to be pro-footballers or You Tubers, but I did in the hope that what I was saying resonated with one or two of them, so I felt I needed to do it justice.

No-one ever came and talked to me at school about working in a creative industry, the careers being advertised in our school spanned between working in the emergency services to working in a bank. All perfectly good jobs but not what I wanted to do.

Telling my parents I wanted to be a fashion designer in the 90’s was like telling them I wanted to be a pop star, completely unattainable and fanciful that it almost seemed a bit ridiculous. But mine and my Mum’s love of The Clothes Show (remember that?!) and her own creative side meant that her and my Dad championed me so I could follow my dreams of designing clothes, even if it meant moving away in the end from the little Leicestershire village that I grew up in to grab every opportunity that was on offer.

Truth be told though, I was buzzing to chat to these kids and show them that there are fun and interesting creative careers out there and they all begin with Art at school.

Image from @bobandrobertasmith