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If you are interested in featuring The Faraway Gang's range, logo or existing photography, we would be happy to support you.

Please email us and let us know the following kind of information:

  • Your channel (blog, social, online, magazine, newspaper etc...)
  • Your requirement (request for images, logo, quote etc...)
  • When and where you intend to publish
  • Any background on your feature/article/campaign/publication

If you are interested in joint promotion activities, please send us your plan and we would love to discuss it with you.  We have a limited number of press samples that we are able to share for photoshoots subject to agreement.

Important Notice

Please note the rights to all logos images and content are owned by The Faraway Gang.  We grant specific licenses to reuse this content upon request.  Please do not distribute or copy any material belonging to The Faraway Gang without express written permission in advance.