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Our Story



The Faraway Gang was founded in 2017 by Sally Jackson after becoming a mother for the second time.  Sally, like all mums, sought to get the balance right between having a family and retaining her creativity and independence.  She decided to make the bold move and resigned from her job as Senior Knitwear Designer for Joules and started machine knitting designs herself.  With over 15 years of experience as a knitwear designer for some of the UK’s most recognisable brands such as Boden, Great Plains and Joules, interest in her designs were strong.  Over a year of late nights, snatching hours during children's naps resulted in her first independent range earning her a Gold Junior Award within a month of launching.  Sally’s signature style of fairilse pattern and her natural talent for colour are what make The Faraway Gang so unique.  With a wealth of experience under her belt, she understands the importance of clothes having a real end-use and works hard to ensure these styles can be pulled out of the wardrobe or passed on time again creating unique heirloom pieces.  

Sally’s vision for The Faraway Gang is to build a destination knitwear brand, believing great clothes should evoke great memories and so placing the playful, curious, and excited mind of a child at the heart of the range will create something unique and beautiful.