A Proud Co

A Proud Co

It was definitely a pinch me moment when the call came from Holly Tucker MBE to be part of her new venture. Three weeks on from launch and I am still buzzing. She has curated such a beautiful collection of small business talent all in one place and I couldn't be prouder to stand by their side.

5 years ago I quit my full time fashion job to set my own business up. If I am totally honest with myself, I wasn't ready to leave but balancing a career in fashion and a young family were proving such a challenge, I felt like I was spinning so many plates that I was about to drop it all.

So after my second child was born, I took a chance. I began by machine knitting my own designs between my children's naps to sell locally; then after sourcing a British factory, a year of hard work resulted in my first independent range; earning me a Gold Junior Award within a month of launching. A hugely proud moment and the confidence boost I needed. 

Fast forward five years and I'm having a blast. Don't get me wrong, having a small business is a hard slog, especially when you layer it on top of a busy family life but I have more ideas than I know what to do with and I am determined.

This brand is my opportunity to continue a creative journey on my own terms, to use my 20 years’ experience and have some fun!

It is my aim to make The Faraway Gang a colourful unisex alternative to grey, emphasising on quality and focusing on an heirloom ethos where we treasure our clothes and pass them on when we’ve finished with them. I believe in owning less, but of less meaning more. ⁠